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What Is It and How Does It Work?

Raising Pheonix Facial Rejuvenation Program has been developed by Hui Zhang, L.Ac. The goal is to make one look and feel younger. Each component of this program is customized for the individual in order to create maximum results. The components of the program are as follows:

1. Acupuncture and Moxibustion:

Tai Chi treatment
"True beauty radiates from within". Through acupuncture, Tai Chi treatment can balance whole body. Achieve facial rejuvenation through overall rejuvenation.
Facial acupuncture
This can promotes the circulation of Qi (life energy) and blood to the face. From a Western medicine perspective, it is thought that the needling causes "microscopic traumas" to the skin stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which increases muscle tone and elasticity. There is no scarring however.
Facial moxibustion
A small heating device will be used to stimulate blood flow, ease expression muscles.

2. Facial Massage with Essential Oils:

Facial massage greatly improves the local circulation of blood, lymph and Qi while also flushing out toxins and improving muscle tone and dermal contraction. Also, massage acupuncture points on the face improves not just the appearance but the health of the whole body. Top quality essential oils will be used with the facial massage to further enhance the effects.

Raising Phoenix
Facial Rejuvenation Program

A natural way to look and feel years younger

Course of Treatment

The series consists of fourteen 90-minutes treatments and spans 12 weeks. The treatments will be administered twice a week for 4 weeks, once a week for 4 weeks and every other week thereafter.

Fee Schedule

The cost is $80 per session. Payment at the time of treatment. Cash, checks or credit cards are acceped.

I offer a free supplement/skin care product kit if all fees are paid in full in the first session. This kit will include:

5-day Nutritive Cleanse Kit ($130 Value)

A.R.T. skin care system ($150 value)

A.R.T. Purifying Toner ($25 value)



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3. Nutritional Therapy:

- "You can't build a temple on a swamp".
An exhilarating detoxification program may be useful.

Common sense good diet
Instead of strict "healthy" diet, I encourage "common sense good diet" which make sense and easy to follow.

Chewing exercise
"You are how you eat". Power Eating Program (PEP) is integrated in our facial rejuvenation program not only because of its numerous benefits for the whole body but also it is a perfect facial exercise that can tone and tighten-up the underlying structures of the face.


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