Boulder Holistic Acupuncture strives to both heal the disease and provide for prevention.

We Accept All Major Crdit Cards

Hui Zhang, L.Ac.
2955 Valmont Rd., #100
Boulder Colorado, 80301

(303) 523 1096
Boulder Acupuncture


Standard Rates:

  Consultation Free to $20
  Initial Exam w/1 Treatment (90 Minutes) $85

Follow-up Acupuncture Treatments (60 Minutes)
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  Travel Fee for out-of-office visits
(discounts available for disabled clients)

Gift Certificates
- Help your Loved ones Feel Better Now.
  Gift Certificate for 1 Treatment $75
  Gift Certificate for 2 Treatments $120
  Gift Certificate for 3 Treatments $150

How does the Health Maintenance Membership work?
Members pay half price for each acupuncture treatment with any plan below.
Membership is designed to help encourage people to get regular health care.
We recommend this as a great gift for your friends!

  One Full Year Membership $168
  Half a Year Membership $98

Discount Rates for Students

  Initial Exam w/ one Acupuncture Treatment $45
  Follow-up Acupuncture Treaments $35

Sliding Scale for Low-Income Clients

  Acupuncture $25 & up